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Animals around us

We definitely recommend keeping an eye out in the woods and meadows around the lake, as you may spot a Wild boar, a Hare (don't touch the little bunnies, even though they look like plushies) or a clever Red fox with a Hedgehog. That's why we ask "dog owners" to always keep their pets under the influence, ideally on a leash when walking around the lake, in the woods and in the meadows - thank you for your consideration :) 

We cannot forget other friends from nature, such as Stag-beetle or Meloe (mainly in spring and summer) and Dragonfly.

ps: each name is also a link to Wikipedia, where you can learn a lot of information in your language and you can also support it financially ;)

Waterfowl & Birds

Photo by Markéta Sousedíková

Of course, you will also find something else here than just fish :) Swans, Mallards and Eurasian coots return to us every year to have their young here. However, they are not alone, and in recent years the Grey heron and Egyptian goose have been returning regularly.

In addition to these, Western house martin, White wagtail, Eurasian golden oriole, Hoopoe or Eurasian jay with Black woodpecker are regular guests here. However, we can't forget the Pheasant, who will probably get tangled up under the wheels of your car most often :)

We would like to thank photographer Markéta Sousedíková for these nice photos from our location ||


2023 The largest documented Catfish in our water so far is 230 cm long, two of similar length were caught here and both returned to the water :)
Another nice point of interest are the local Swan mussels, which you can often feel at the bottom with your foot. Then sometimes Great pond snails sway on the surface.
The fish inhabitants also include Northern pike, European eel, Common bream, Tench, Eurasian carp and Grass carp :)

JezeroVojkovice as a film location

Before Us - 2000/2001 - Scenes for the movie A Knight's Tale /

2008/2013 Scenes for the series Wonderful Times, ČT /

2013 - Scenes for the series First Republic, first series, ČT / /

2014 - Scenes for the movie Die Himmelsleiter, MIA Film / /

2015 - Scenes for the movie Magdalina, K-INTERNATIONAL /

2016 - Scenes for the series First Republic, second series, ČT /

2018 - Scenes for the series Knightfall, HBO /

2021 - Fantasy series scenes (can't be released yet), Amazon

2022 - Scenes for the series 1. Mission, GoodTV /

2023 - Scenes for the drama movie Hagen, Wilma-Film /

2023 - Scenes for a historical movie (not yet published), Wilma-Film


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