Price list |

Price list valid for 2023

Entrance to the area (behind barriers/day*):

  • Car 100 CZK
  • Motorcycle and quad bike 30 CZK
  • Caravan (trailer) 100 CZK
  • Motorhome 200 CZK
  • Tent and bivouac 100 CZK
  • Adult 50 CZK
  • Child from 3 to 15 years 30 CZK
  • Children under 3 years free
  • Dog 30 CZK*2
    >> Example 1: Camping in a tent 100 CZK with a car 100 CZK on site, two adults 2x50 CZK and a child under 3 years 0 CZK for 1 night = 300 CZK.
    >> Example 2: Stay with a car 100 CZK and a caravan 100 CZK, two adults 2x50 CZK and a dog 30 CZK for 2 nights = 660 CZK

Accommodation (object/night):

Other payments:

  • Refundable deposit 2000 CZK for the Large cottage and Apartment, 1000 CZK for the Small cottage
  • (principal deposit in case of loss of keys, damage to equipment, etc. After the end of the stay, the deposit is returned)
  • Car and motorcycle to the Small Cottage according to the price list for entrance to the area
  • Surcharge for accommodation in the Small cottage only for 1 night 100 CZK
  • Electric connection (24h) 200 CZK
  • Free parking in the area under the restaurant from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. for site visitors*3

*Those not staying on the camp, leave the camp at 10 p.m.
*2 The fee for the dog is paid in every type of accommodation
*3 Overnight stays in the parking area are prohibited

Update: 10/1/2023 | The updated price list on this website always applies, regardless of the timeliness of the information boards. The information boards are equipped with QR codes that link to these websites and where the user has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the current version. Wi-Fi connection is free in the restaurant.


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