Operating Rules |

Operating Rules

DAILY 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM


  • By entering the area or its parts, you agree to the operating rules
  • Swimming in the JezeroVojkovice area is at your own risk!
  • Parking in the area on the area below the main building is free for visitors
  • Fishing spots are primarily for fishermen
  • Roasting and grilling is possible only in designated areas
  • Entrance to the area, camping, fishing, etc. are paid in cash at the restaurant
  • The toilets and washroom are in the main building
  • It is possible to collect drinking water in the main building


Visitors to the area are required

  • To maintain cleanliness and order, to save the equipment of the premises and to compensate for damage caused by their fault
  • Put garbage in garbage containers
  • Behave in a disciplined and respectful manner towards other visitors in the area, do not disturb with excessive shouting or noise from radio receivers or other sources
  • Use water from sources designated for this purpose and in the manner indicated on these sources
  • Follow the instructions and orders of the supervisory authorities of the area administration


The owner or handler of a dog or other animal is obliged

  • Keep the dog under your control and supervision at all times, ideally on a leash
  • Clean up after your dog and use litter containers
  • Do not walk your dog on designated beaches, fishing spots, and places designated for games and camping
  • Do not enter marked areas with your dog (see interactive map on our website, use QR code)


It is prohibited on the premises

  • Smoking in wooded areas
  • Park in front of the barriers!
  • Using boats with an internal combustion engine
  • Relocation and damage to premises equipment, including vegetation
  • Enter the premises by all motor vehicles without payment (with the exception of supplies, company vehicles and IRC)
  • Ride in and enter the premises on or with a horse
  • Stay in the area of the main beach, restaurants and accommodation without swimwear and clothing
  • Use of metal detectors without the prior consent of the area operator
  • Use of drones on the territory and in the airspace of the area without the prior consent of the operator of the area
  • Photography and the use of cameras, drones and video cameras for COMMERCIAL PURPOSES in the entire area of the lake is possible only after prior agreement with the operator of the area


Important contacts

112 Emergency line | 155 Rescue Service | 150 Fire Rescue | 158 Police of the Czech Republic

Update: 8/6/2023 | The updated rules on this website always apply, regardless of the timeliness of the information boards. The information boards are equipped with QR codes that link to these websites and where the user has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the current version. Wi-Fi connection is free in the restaurant.


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