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Welcome to the website of the JezeroVojkovice lake

Well, we have you here, and when we have you here, we will look after you and show you around ;)

The website is brand new, so we will occasionally correct, add, etc., but you can already find all important information here.

Whether you want to sunbathe on the beach in the summer or grill sausage, you will certainly appreciate the area's operating rules and service price list. The basics are fairly free :) And if you wanted to settle down in this cozy little house for a while, you'll definitely find a roof over your head with us.

Do you like fishing? Come on! This 15 hectare pond has some nice bits for you and being sport fishing, it's catch and release. But the fish really don't fulfill three wishes, even if some of them are really golden at first glance ;)

Would you like a chilled lemonade or beer or a quick bite to eat? Then you can find us in the pub & bistro! If you have the little joys of life with you, they can frolic on the playground.

Virtual tour of the Bistro and garden overlooking the Lake


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Vojkovice 169 | 277 44 Vojkovice


+420 724 102 127

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